Security : 67 Bandits Killed and Many Kidnapped Victims Rescued

The recent joint security operation in Lere District of Tafawa Balewa local government area of Bauchi State led to the successful rescue of about twenty-nine kidnap victims and the elimination of 67 bandits. This operation involved a collaborative effort by various security forces, including the Police, Army, local hunters, and vigilantes in the state.

The security operation resulted in the rescue of approximately twenty-nine kidnap victims who had been held captive. This indicates the effectiveness of coordinated efforts by different security agencies and local volunteers to combat criminal activities, especially kidnapping.

During the operation, a significant number of bandits, specifically 67 of them, were killed. This reflects the determination of the security forces to confront criminal elements and restore peace in the affected region.

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, personally visited the Lere District to show his support and appreciation for the security operatives involved in the operation. This visit signifies the government’s commitment to addressing security challenges in the state.

The governor emphasized that the security operation was conducted in compliance with established rules of engagement. This indicates that the security forces followed lawful procedures during their operation.

Governor Mohammed issued a stern warning to traditional rulers who were suspected of aiding and abetting bandits in their areas. He stressed that anyone found supporting these criminal activities would face consequences, highlighting the importance of holding all parties accountable in the fight against insecurity.

Governor Bala Mohammed’s emphasis on collaboration between local hunters, vigilante groups, traditional rulers, and security agencies in the fight against terrorism and criminal activities in Bauchi State reflects the recognition that a holistic and cooperative approach is essential to effectively combat security challenges. Here are some key points related to this emphasis on collaboration:

By advocating for collaboration between various groups, including local hunters, vigilantes, traditional rulers, and security agencies, the governor recognizes that addressing security threats requires a concerted effort from multiple stakeholders with different strengths and capabilities.

Involving local communities, such as local hunters and vigilante groups, in security efforts can lead to a better understanding of local dynamics and more effective responses to threats. These groups often have intimate knowledge of their areas and can play a crucial role in intelligence gathering and rapid response.

The governor’s gesture of donating N10 million as a token and providing 30 motorcycles to the hunters and vigilantes who participated in the rescue operations not only acknowledges their contributions but also incentivizes their involvement in future security initiatives. This kind of support can boost morale and encourage continued cooperation.
Governor Mohammed’s assurance of providing more motorcycles to these groups in due course demonstrates a commitment to sustaining this collaborative approach over the long term. It underscores the importance of these local stakeholders in the overall security strategy of the state.

Overall, this joint security operation in Bauchi State represents a significant effort to combat criminal activities, rescue kidnap victims, and eliminate bandits. It also underscores the importance of collaboration among security agencies and the commitment of the state government to addressing security challenges and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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