AUC and LAA close ranks to achieve AFCFTA.

Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission, commends the African Ambassadors for establishing the League of African Ambassadors. In correspondence with the league’s President, Ambassador Nwannebuike OMINYI, Dr. Nsanzabaganwa expressed congratulations and labeled this initiative as a significant step forward. The league, comprised of Africa’s top diplomats, aims to strengthen intra-African relations, promote African unity, and provide support to African leaders on the global stage. The importance of this organization on the international platform cannot be overstated.

The League of African Ambassadors has pledged support for the African Union Commission’s African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). Their inaugural conference in 2025 will focus on the theme ‘Free the Access… to Free the Trade,’ emphasizing the need to remove barriers such as visa restrictions that hinder trade. Ambassador OMINYI contends that for trade to thrive in Africa, there must be unrestricted movement of people and goods. Leveraging the vast African market through AfCFTA will bolster the economy, catalyze industrial growth, and create much-needed employment opportunities for the continent’s youth.

In the league’s view, the nexus between free trade and free movement is paramount. Without seamless movement, the benefits of free trade are compromised. Facilitating trade within Africa is not just about economic growth but also about transforming from a raw material exporter to a manufacturing powerhouse. This transition is pivotal in competing effectively in the global market.

Ambassador OMINYI highlights the challenges faced by African products in international markets. They often face unjust scrutiny and are deemed unfit for consumption, leading to market discreditation and industry setbacks. OMINYI calls upon African media to join the campaign for free access and advocates for the removal of visa barriers across the continent. Recognizing countries that have already taken steps to eliminate visa restrictions, OMINYI urges others to follow suit, emphasizing that Africa can only prosper with unrestricted access and movement

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