Zambian President, H.H, Bids Farewell to Amb Nwanne Ominyi.

In a poignant farewell gesture, the outgoing Nigeria High Commissioner to the Republic of Zambia, Ambassador Nwannebuike Ominyi, undertook his final diplomatic duty on December 13, 2023. As part of his winding-up activities, Ambassador Ominyi paid a visit to His Excellency Hakainde Hichilima, the President of the Republic of Zambia, leaving behind a legacy of strengthened bilateral relations between Nigeria and Zambia.

During the farewell meeting, President Hichilima expressed his sincere appreciation for Ambassador Ominyi’s significant contributions to the deepening ties between the two nations. The President commended the High Commissioner for his dedication and efforts in fostering diplomatic relations, acknowledging the pivotal role he played in enhancing the cooperation and understanding between Nigeria and Zambia.

Graciously, President Hichilima took a moment to convey his gratitude for the values Ambassador Ominyi added to diplomatic engagements and duties throughout his tenure. The Zambian President extended warm wishes to the outgoing High Commissioner and his family, expressing hopes for success and prosperity in their future endeavors.

In reciprocation, Ambassador Ominyi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to President Hichilima, the Zambian government, and the people for their cordiality and hospitality extended to him during his tenure. The High Commissioner highlighted the positive and collaborative atmosphere that characterized the relationship between Nigeria and Zambia, emphasizing the significance of mutual respect and understanding in fostering strong diplomatic ties.

As the curtains close on Ambassador Ominyi’s diplomatic service in Zambia, his farewell visit symbolizes the culmination of a period marked by collaborative efforts and mutual appreciation. The enduring impact of his tenure is evident in the strengthened bond between the two nations, setting a positive tone for future diplomatic endeavors.

In conclusion, the farewell meeting serves as a testament to the diplomatic achievements during Ambassador Ominyi’s term and underscores the importance of fostering international relations built on trust, cooperation, and shared values. As he bids adieu to his role, Ambassador Nwannebuike Ominyi leaves behind a legacy of goodwill and strengthened ties between Nigeria and Zambia, fostering a foundation for continued collaboration and understanding on the global stage.

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