15 Year Old Girl Forced To Have Sex With Biological Father

A fifteen-year-old young girl was harassed by her biological father for the purpose of sexual satisfaction and pleasures Investigators got it that her sexual assault and sex slavery started two years ago when she was forced by her father to have  unwanted sex with him in expense of her education and school fees, since her desire for her education was high she was rendered choiceless.

However, the father did not have any tangible reason to render his biological daughter a sex slave at her tender age of 15. It became very hard and unbearable for the poor young girl when her father’s urge for sex became frequent. Life was indeed a hell for the young girl. Due to frequent Child trafficking she experienced, the young girl decided to take the stress out of her by reporting the case to the police at mirable centre Lagos, where she was kept in police costudy.

This young girls father was finally arrested by the police for sexual harassment and defilement. and was identified to be by name Mr micheal Ibaniba, 35 years of old and leaves Lagos Nigeria.

Due to further investigations, these fifteen years old girl revealed that Mr. Micheal Ibaniba forced her to abort one of the unfortunate Children she took in. She couldn’t keep it any longer and decided to report to her pastor. But in awareness of her Father, he restricted and prevented her from going to her church. She said, “my father  promised to make me a school drop out if I refused to have sexual intercourse with him, and out fear and love for my education I did it times without numbers”.

I would have blown alarm, but I was reluctant to take actions cause it was my biological father so I kept it to my self. when it became too much for me, was when  his desire for sex became too much I had to report to the Police”

The man was later bailed and the human right office orders for his rearrest and taken to Isokoko police Station lagos before taken to court where he will get a judgment from the law court.

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