Top Trends Nigeria is an online news platform that was developed to help fight against fake and inaccurate news reporting.

It was developed by Ome Chukwuemeka, a Pastor and Computer Enthusiast.  He loves to write Computer Programs as a hobby and therefore went ahead to develop an application the will report the full details of trending topics.

Top Trends Nigeria started in August 2018 but began full reporting of trending stories mostly within Nigeria from October 2018.

They have been instances in which popular News platforms have been used by Politicians to push propaganda and wrong reporting of certain events in other to ridicule their political opponent but Top Trends Nigerian was able to diffuse such wrong reporting by providing accurate details of what actually happened.

Top Trends Nigeria has different reporters who work remotely but the center of operations of Top Trends Nigeria has always been the residence of Ome Chukwuemeka the developer behind the enterprise.