LAA President Responds to Thierry Breton Disrespectful Comment on Africa


We, the body of Ambassadors of African descent under the aegis of the “League of African Ambassadors,” unequivocally take exception to and condemn in the strongest terms the derogatory and inciting comment made by a European against Africa as a continent, Africans, African leaders, especially the Pan-Africanists, as credited to one Mr. Thierry Breton. In the comment, Mr. Breton stated that Europe needs to unite to fight the new African vision, and he said that if one of the heads of the putschists falls, the others will abandon the vision. His words are not only disrespecting to Africa and its people but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes that have long plagued our continent.

Africa is not a monolith; it is a tapestry of diverse cultures, histories, and contributions to humanity. To suggest that Africa lacks a history or the ability to manage its own affairs is not only ignorant but also deeply offensive. Our history is rich and varied, spanning millennia of innovation, creativity, and resilience. From the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Ethiopia to the vibrant cultures of West Africa and the technological advancements of countries like Nigeria and Kenya, Africa’s heritage is undeniable.

Instead of fostering division and animosity, we call for dialogue and collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world. Africa seeks partnerships based on mutual respect, equality, and shared prosperity. We believe in the power of cooperation to address the challenges facing our planet, from climate change to global health crises.

Immigration should not be viewed as a threat but as an opportunity for growth and enrichment. Africans have contributed to the cultural, economic, and social fabric of countries around the world, and we should celebrate the diversity and talent that immigrants bring to their new homes.

It is time to move beyond the outdated colonial mindset that continues to plague our collective consciousness. Africa is not a pawn to be manipulated or exploited; it is a dynamic continent with a bright future ahead. We call on leaders like Thierry Breton to educate themselves about Africa’s true potential and to work towards a future where Africa is respected as an equal partner on the global stage.

Mr. Breton however exposed the potential which Africa is enormously endowed with, which we have always known when he avid that should African vision succeeds that the children and grandchildren of Europeans will come in search of jobs in Africa. This should not boarder the Thierry’s because Africa has always been and will continue to be a blessing to the world, Africa is hospitable and will at such a time as Breton feared not take any human as a slave no treat them as sub-human nor subject them to force Laboure but accord them with respect and dignity.

We implore the “Bretonists” to fuse into moralist Europeans who has realized the unjustifiable and untold maltreatment our forefathers went through during the slave trade and give a commiserating compensation to Africa in addition to repatriating the wealth of African countries that is stashed in European banks especially in France which Thierry presided over as French formal economic minister.


We commend our leaders both at national, regional, and continental level and pledge our support to Pan-Africanism, we further call on well-meaning global leaders to condemn the theory of Thierry Breton Let us come together as people of common heritage and same specie, Africans, and allies, to build a world where all nations can thrive in peace and prosperity.



                                                              Amb. OMINYI Nwannebuike


                                                                      MARCH, 2024

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