Trending: Stepson accuses Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz of cheating on each other

Funke Akindele’s stepson, Benito on an Instagram live video on Friday accused the multi-award-winning Nollywood diva and her husband of cheating on each other in their marriage.

According to Benito on the live video “Funke accuses everyone of dating my dad, but your beloved had cheated on my dad. My dad cheated too.

They are not living together. They are both cheating on each other. They both had a fight, my dad is practically living somewhere else.

I don’t have care for them anymore, I can’t talk for them anymore. I can only say what I have seen, and everyone knows the truth”.

He described their relationship as an open relationship and alleged that the couple does not sleep in the same room for two years now.

Benito is JJC Skillz’s first son and the Nigerian songwriter and rapper tied the knot with Funke Akindele in May 2016 in London, the actress already has twin boys.

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Benito had previously alleged that the marriage of the Nollywood actress was troubled, an allegation which the father JJC Skillz debunked.

In this new video, Benito alleges that Funke Akindele does not treat staff and her team members right, and he has seen some of them break down after she shouts at them.

The couple he says shout on people and hat on people. He asserts that he is not scared of anybody or scared, to tell the truth, that he is ready to speak the truth, and he is tired of the lies and the segregation.

In the live question and answer video, Benito alleges that the couple who claim to love him (the couple) spread lies about him over the internet.

In reaction to these fresh allegations, Funke Akindele and her team released a dance video showcasing her awards. Both videos made rounds on social media and trended on Twitter space generating mixed reactions.

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