How To Stay Sane In A Relationship Without Loosing Yourself.

Love is a wonderful thing, I guess you already know that. Lol.

But sometimes having a relationship with somebody who has anger issues could just not be it. I’m in Love isn’t supposed to hurt you.

Love is gentle, love is sweet, love is everything you dreamed about. But most times it just never go as planned.

A lot of people suffer from mental health issues caused by engaging in a really toxic relationship.

And even after months and years of having such encounter, they still have traumas, sleepless nights, and so on.

Hence, Here are a few ways, you could stay sane even in such drama.


  • Take a deep breath and try to calm yourself first.

Yeah, taking deep breaths would slow your racing heart and help you relax a little.

That is, if you were scared or terrified about your partners sudden attitude, you might experience that.

Also, don’t tell him to calm down first, or maybe to reduce the pitch of his voice or so, no.

Take care of yourself first. Calm down, chill out, breathe and so on. And even other things you know calms you down, do that.

Because if you’re calm, you’d be able to handle things more maturely rather than competing with your partner, that is raising your voices at each other.


  • Give each other space, but not too much space.

Sometimes, it may just get too suffocating to breathe and you might just need to some space in order to clear your minds from negative thought and embrace positivity.

Also, please don’t give each other too much space to extent of a break up.

Except if you feel, that the relationship is not meant for you. Also, don’t settle for less. You’re lovable and beautiful.

If he starts to hit you, please RUN AWAY. Do not mind his sweet mouth, especially when he keeps saying he will change, he will change but he never does.


  • Visit a Professional Psychologist

Sometimes, it might get overwhelming and go overboard, to the extent that you can’t sleep well anymore or whatsoever…

Or maybe you just need more ways on how to stay sane in your relationship, then please visit a psychologist around you.

To help you go through the process.


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