PEP, A wonder Drug That Can Safe You From HIV

PEP, A wonder Drug That Can Safe You From HIV.


There’s a wonder drug many people don’t know exists. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is an HIV pill given to those who get exposed to the virus. It helps you lower the chance of contracting the virus after being exposed to it.

PEP should only be taken within 72 hours, or 3days of being exposed to the virus for it to work effectively. The earlier you start taking it, the better it works.

The pill is taken every day for 28 days–it’s a form of Antiretroviral drug. The pill will stop the virus from spreading to other parts of your body, that’s why you have to start taking it within 72 hours, or 3 days after being exposed to the virus.

When to take PEP?

. You’re advised to take PEP if you had sex without a condom or the condom tore inside with an HIV person.

. You were sexually assaulted or raped.
. You exchanged fluids (Needle, Syringe, Water with an HIV person).

If you have been exposed to the virus for the past 3 days, you have to consult your doctor. And it’s also advisable to take the pill if you’re a health worker whenever you think you have got exposed to the virus. The drug doesn’t cure HIV. HIV doesn’t have a cure yet.


Condom remains the best and safest way to prevent HIV and in case it tears inside, you have to see your doctor immediately.

Where to get PEP?

PEP is available in HIV centers and it’s free. You can still get them free in governmental hospitals for free. Before the drug will be given to you, they insist you do an HIV test and STDs test, that’s if you get exposed to the virus through sex.

PEP doesn’t prevent HIV. If you’re looking for a pill that prevents HIV ask for PrEP. You take it some hours before sex and it would save you from contracting the virus.





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