Motivation: Be Strong And Be Strengthen, It Will Only Be A While.

In Nigeria and even in other various countries, there’s chaos every where. Things are happening, both good and bad. People are dying, and also people are giving birth too.

Over the past few weeks, even till now, one thing or the other is happening, everyone is panicking, no one knows if there’s hope anymore. Especially here in Nigeria.

The news have being really busy lately, from the horrible violence in Owerri and other Eastern areas, to the suspension of Twitter  (#Twitterban) in Nigeria. And much, much more.

I’m here to simply give you the little hope you need to rise from despair.

“Always try to see the light even in the darkness.”

Think about it, since you always seem chaotic and disturbing until you find that inner peace within you. I mean rising above your problems above the troubles and just trying to stay calm.

It might seem impossible right now especially but with time, you’ll understand why.

No matter how high this mountain may seem you will surely climb over it and overcome it.

Even in your personal life perhaps at work, also in other different societal associations, you just got to see things from a different point of view. From a different perspective.

That is, “Even if others may say, there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up.”

Many have died, many have lost one person or the other, many have also lost their properties, and yet you are still here. Isn’t that reason enough?

Yes there is a reason that you are alive today so embrace it. Because this life is too short to be going around worrying about tomorrow.

I can only say what I must say, is up to you to either accept or reject it.

Though, you may not be a person of faith but I hope you can try to believe that there is light at the end of every tunnel.


p.s. “There’s always a solution to every problem. Smile, be happy.

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