Mecedes Newly Invented Multi action Super Car

The Mercedes company has combined thoughts and invented a multi-action super can, they unveiled the newly invented hybrid car which is said to be the concept car, still under development to get to the market for sales in Germany and worldwide.

They assured that over 275 of these luxury vehicles will be introduced to market fairly soon.

Ola Källenius, Mercedes board member said to the media that the project has a system output of over 1000 horsepower and a top speed beyond 217mph.

This multi-action car was created by engineers in the Mercedes company in Germany, it has a small 1.6-liter turbocharged v6 engine and a total enumeration of four (4)electric motor.

The first motor functions in the spinning of the car’s turbocharger, the second motor is connected to the vehicle engine, whit which the other two is connected to the wheels.

He added that the v6 engine which is mounted behind the car seat has the ability to run a total of 11000 revolutions per minute, most faster than that of a typical passenger car.

The cost of the car is $2.7milion for initial buyers.


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