The Nigeria Naira Depreciates Further Against The Dollar

Recently on Wednesday, the Nigerian Naira depreciated to N363.54 to the dollar at the investor’s window in Lagos, lesser than N363.32 which was reported on Tuesday, The Investors traded total amount of 397.57 million dollars altogether at the end of trading.

At the official CBN window, the Nigerian naira closed at N306.6 to the dollar. With which currency buyers purchased the naira on the streets of Lagos at N360.50.

Meanwhile, Euro and Pound Sterling were exchanged at N418 and N480 precisely.

However, in the parallel market trading, naira Appreciates Against Dollar, at the Bureau De Change (BDC) window,
the Nigerian naira closed at N360 to the dollar, while the Euro and pound sterling were exchanged at N418 and N480.

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