Kidnapped Students in Cameroon Regain Their Freedom

79 Students have been granted freedom this week after they were abducted by unknown gunmen.

This incident occurred in the English speaking part of Cameroon

These 79 students were initially kidnapped along side with three staffs of the school.

However, their freedom was regained after the innaugration of President Paul Biya, the 85 year old President, for his seventh term.

It was discovered in a short video that the students were abducted by the Anglophone Separatist, which has a given name ‘Amba boys’.

This incident is regarded unknown in cameroon because it occured after two of such incident in Nigeria, its neighbouring country.

Initially, it was discovered that several schools were attacked in Cameroon, with teachers humiliated and headmaster killed.

Also, nothing less than 400 civilians and 175 security force members were considered killed by terrorist within the begining of the year to september, as reported by NGO’S. More than 300000 Cameroonians have migrated to
neighbouring countries from 2016 to till date.

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