An Army lady beat a Student of Abia State Polytechnic, and this happened

It was tension all around Abia State Polytechnic today as a Lady Army beat a Male Student of Abia State Polytechnic.

It was rumored that the Lady Army in her full uniform, heard the Student as he called her “Ordinary Recruit” inside the school premises, which provoked her and she immediately called the boy.

She slapped the young Student, and ordered the Student to start a frog jump, as she was hitting the boy concurrently.

Afterwards, she attempted to take the young Student outside the school, then the Abia State Polytechnic Students refused and closed the School gate,

Before the School security led the Boy and the Lady Army to the School security office.

Students of the polytechnic saturated over the office and was demanding the Lady Army apologize, however, the Army Lady made a call, and had 2 Army Men immediately, and they guarded her out of the school.

Not knowing that the Student that was beaten came from a family of Army personnels, Minutes later, A Hilux full of Army Men sent by the brother of the Student that was beaten arrived, and was furious over what had happened.

Then, they led the Student that was beaten into the Car, and drove away in sadness.

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