How Wizkid Snubbed Davido on His Birthday

We are reminded that as 2017 was winding up, the music industry in Nigeria had one of the most unforgettable moments for the first time in the history of Music in Nigeria.

What was that Moment?

It was when the top artists who are Davido and Wizkid came together to thrill their fans in their respective music concerts. Coincidentally they both had their concert around the same time.

Before one of the concerts, Davido was noted to  has described the events as “two kings One stage”

Each artist showed up at the others concert and it generated a lot of fun and a kind of Brotherly rapport between Davido and Wizkid.

The two artists were known to be rivals but with the turn of events in 2017, many of their fans were anticipating a collabo from the two.

Up to this time, their fans are still anticipating a collabo from them and it appears as if the rapport they had last year had faded away and it has left their fans wondering if what they did last year was just a publicity stunt to gain more popularity.

Yesterday was Davido’s Birthday and many artists poured a lot of birthday wishes to him on both his page and theirs as he turns 26,  observers expected that with what happened between Davido and Wizkid, that Wizkid would have also wished him a Happy Birthday but none came from him.

We also noted that in July when Wizkid had his own Birthday, That Davido shared a video of himself dancing to Wizkid hit song titled “soco” and went further to caption it with a birthday wish.

The expectation at this time is that Wizkid should reciprocate same to Davido publicly. Although some may claim that Wizkid may have wished Davido a Happy birthday in private.

If Wizkid had wished Davido a happy birthday in private and with the kind of lifestyle that Davido lives, he would have made it public.

This scenario is what has left many to keep wondering maybe they are no longer in good terms. And not only that because of about a month ago, Wizkid congratulated Davido after he won the Best International Act BET awards.

Be that as it may, not until they a is a public declaration from either of them, we shall all keep observing.

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