Why Blac Chyna is Criticised For Promoting Skin Whitening Cream in Africa

The thirty (30) years old American Model “Blac Chyna” faces criticism over her involvement in the promotion of bleaching and lightening creams in Africa.

She faces condemnation for collaborating with the “Beauty Brands  Whitenicious by Dencia” to launch a skin bleaching and lightening product.

This product is being promoted by this foreign model in Lagos, Nigeria. With which critics regard to be a colourism
and bleaching product.

Blac Chyna has been commended for several products which she has launched so far, like the 12 piece lipstick collection which she had collaboration with the “Skincare Brand Bodyblendz” in 2017. She’ve collaborated several products so far.

However, her recent collaboration with the “Diamond Brand Whitenicious by Dencia” to launch a new product called “Diamond Illuminating &lightening cream” which was announced and showed off on her official Instagram handle on Tuesday, has not reportedly been a good omen so far. Her fans don’t seem to express delightfulness over her latest innovatory.

This moisturizing product which consisting of folks of numerous skin types is reportedly aimed at reducing the visibility of blackspots and hyperpigmentation.

However, Cristics on the social media are calling this product a bleaching and colourism cream. Meanwhile, the product is said to be ” A body lightening cream which does not aid skin bleaching”.

So far, Chyna has observed an inordinate rate of criticism in this her latest innovatory. She kept silence to these controversies, after which she closed the comment on her official Instagram handle which has over 14.8 million followers, due to these innumerable insinuations of cristics on it.

However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) discloses that over 77 percent of the women in the world today is Vibrantly making use of skin lightening creams.

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