See what Dubai’s heart-shaped lake looks like

After all the advanced creation Dubai has put up, it shows off another two gigantic heart-shaped man-made Lake in the desert at Al Qudra.

This man made love shaped lake is reported to be visible with over 700 meters away from the Al Maktoum area, an indicating spot of Bab Al Shams desert.

The information has gone viral on social media as its images and quotes were posted on Instagram by the Chairman of Dubai Executive Council “Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, with a quote “to all of you”.

These images show off a love shaped Gigantic Lake which trees are planted quoting”love”. This creation has been observed to have been getting several guests and visitors so far. As its news is trending and going viral on social media since last weekend.

This masterpiece in Al Qudra is 50 kilometers away from Burj Khalifa and is reportedly visible on the google earth or google map. Further posts on the social media disclose that there are several road signs linking explorers to its venue.

Watch Video Below:

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