Has Nigeria Suddenly Become A Population Of Fools? – Lazarus Obinna

This question was asked by Bishop David Oyedepo.

If you’ve watched or listened to the video or audio clip of the press conference by Late Dora Akunyili as the Information minister under the late president Yar’adua where she exposed the evil plot of the cabal in Aso Rock to keep the death of the late president Yar’adua a secret thereby making it difficult for the Vice President as it was to assume the position of acting President you will not be here insulting Nnamdi Kanu and those who are alleging that the man in Aso Rock is a Buhari double by name Jubril.

It was late Dora Akunyili who disarmed the cabal that held Nigeria hostage in the case of late President Yar’adua and paved way for Goodluck Jonathan to become President.

How come those who played the Yar’adua script are the ones controlling everything in Aso Rock today?

Some of you may want to say Buhari has responded to the allegations in Poland and I ask, has his response answered the numerous questions begging for answers?

Hate Nnamdi Kanu all you want, the young man has since he started his fight for the restoration of Biafra made valid points and has continued to expose the evil and imbalance in the structure and existence of Nigeria as created by Lord Lugard and sustained by the Northern Oligarchs.

The truth is that there is something strange and evil about the Buhari Presidency and it is only when Nigerians begin to ask critical questions that the present occupants of Aso Rock will take us seriously.

I know when Nnamdi Kanu first started this allegation of a Buhari double, people like Bishop David Oyedepo waved it as one of those stupid talks from a crazy boy, but today the fever has caught him because according to him, the disturbing information cannot be swept under the carpet anymore hence he had to speak on the matter and ask critical questions. He is asking the presidency to come out and address the issue.

Bishop Oyedepo in a video said his attention was caught by an editorial written by one Olatunji Dare on Tuesday the 27th of November on the back page of the “The Nation” newspaper.

The writer wrote that the representative of the Jubril family from Sudan stormed Abuja after they’ve been skimmed out of the deal they had with the cabal in Aso Rock threatening to speak out.

The writer according to Oyedepo also alleged that the Jubril family is asking for a 50% oil revenue from Nigeria and a power-sharing formula that will accommodate them.

He went further to allege that Britain is secretly mediating on the matter.

Oyedepo queried why the government of Nigeria has not come out to clear the air if these allegations were a mere accusation.

I want us to ponder why this editorial is coming from “The Nations” newspaper days after “The Guardian” newspaper made a similar editorial.

That’s if you know who owns “The Nation” newspaper.

The APC led federal government may want to divert the attention of Nigerians by bringing in the argument of cloning into the narrative but the truth is that the allegations are not about a cloned Buhari but that of a “double or an imposter”

The funny thing is that the people trying so hard to defend this allegation against the cabal in Aso Rock are southerners who think they are more intelligent than others in Nigeria and as such will use all manner of grammar to dismiss this allegation that is weighty.

One good thing about the North is that they understand the theories of political and criminal violence and they know how and when to deploy it to achieve their devilish goals to sustain the injustice created and handed over to them by Britain.

They also understand diplomacy and cross-cultural negotiations and they know when to use it to calm the southern part of Nigeria like they are doing with the Atiku/Obi ticket.

The same thing they did with the Obasanjo presidency.

You can deceive yourself all you want but the truth is that there are fundamental issues that need to be addressed and until all Nigerians especially the southern part of Nigeria begin to speak the same language their northern counterparts speak, we will remain slaves in the hands of the oligarchs.

The North is not more educated than the South but you have more of them in the army.

The few times Nigeria has made progress were when southerners held sway and they were either threatened or bullied out of power.

If Nnamdi Kanu were to be a northerner and the North are the ones calling for restructuring, all the political establishment in the north would have backed him in his call for election boycott until Nigeria is restructured. They would have called for the resignation of Buratai for sending soldiers to kill unarmed protesters if Buratai were to be a southerner and IPOB northern agitators.

Remember, the Borno elders asked the government of Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw the military from Borno state. They petitioned the ICC accusing Jonathan and Ihejirika of trying to depopulate the North under the guise of fighting Boko Haram.

Buhari also said that “an attack on Boko Haram í an attack against the north”

But in 2015 he was elected the president of Nigeria.

Today, we have Southern Professor of law who is also a pastor deputising a certificate forger and an alleged impostor. He has been reduced to a mere errand boy moving from market to market sharing money to traders. He has been used to suppress the voice of ordinary Nigerians, he is always the one who comes to public to tell Holy lies with sugar-coated grammar.

May our southern brothers and leaders receive sense and stop being errand boys to the northern oligarchs.

For us to get Nigeria working again, we must think differently and stop falling for the antics of the northern oligarchs.

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