Nigerians Elected You To Fight Corruption, Group Tells President Buhari

Paradigm Initiative has admonished President Muhammadu Buhari to get serious with his fight against corruption because that is the major reason Nigerians elected him.

Mr. Adegoke Adeboye the programme manager of the group made this know to reporters yesterday in Abuja.

He stressed that the admonishing became necessary because of Nigeria’s poor ranking by Transparency International.

He added that the not much progress has been made by the current administration despite their media stunts to promote what the are doing in the fight against corruption and that it appears that the fight against corruption is focused on perceived enemies of the current administration and that inevitably become a trend.

Paradigm Initiative has as a core belief that Until Nigeria becomes fully committed to the principle that allows a systematic approach to addressing the corruption problem, we shall all keep going in circles with politicians

Furthermore, Mr. Adeboye made the suggestion that the fight against corruption can be enhanced by the use of technology in service delivery by government institutions

He also urged that in the 2019 general election, the incumbents should adopt e-governance so as to foster transparency and accountability.

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