Why You Should Vote Atiku and Obi – Pst Ome Chukwuemeka

God started blessing Nigeria after the Abacha tyranny by bringing in a former military head of state in the person of Olusegun Obasanjo to move Nigeria forward.
Obasanjo who has led Nigeria before understood the principles of statecraft and therefore was well prepared to start Nigeria on a 4 Republic journey.
Obasanjo led Nigeria with Atiku as his Vice. Atiku understood all the policies God was implementing through Obasanjo.
During their administration, Nigeria recorded a lot of progress.
Obasanjo then handed over to Yaradua who came out with a clear cut agenda for Nigeria. Yaradua was a Governor but learned everything about leading Nigeria from his elder brother Shehu Yaradua who was a colleague of Obasanjo.
Yaradua died then God brought in a man who understands the yearning of the masses after having experienced it himself.
God gave us Goodluck Jonathan not just as a compensation for the Billions of Oil money that Nigeria has squandered but to lift Nigeria from nothing to a Global power.
Devil was not happy with God’s plans that was why he forced his way into God’s plan using Buhari.
Buhari has led Nigeria before and exactly what happened then is happening now.
Buhari has successfully led us back to the era of Abacha in which Nigerians lived in fear and experienced abject poverty.
We have prayed and cried and asked God to forgive us for the mistake of Buhari.
I believe strongly that God has answered our prayers and has left it in our hands to decide our fate.
Atiku is the only person who led with Obasanjo and understands the policies Obasanjo was introducing.
Obasanjo would have on several occasions shared what God was laying in his heart with Atiku.
Atiku’s experience is better than Buhari’s experience.
After Atiku regime, God is going to bring in another Yaradua/Jonathan set to move Nigeria even further.
No Nigerian Politician is a Saint, but Some have a conscience that others don’t have.
Nigeria will never experience revolution because we are too religiously inclined than logical.
We will prefer to pray about everything than take up arms or black cards against Government decisions.
I don’t trust that Atiku will not misbehave but I trust that he has a conscience.
My Vote is for Atiku and Obi, you can join me if you want or you can help Buhari come back again to continue the destruction of Nigeria from where he stopped.
The likes of Sowore, Durutoye, Moghalu, and Ezekwesili cannot lead Nigeria at this time, it may be possible for them in the future but not now.
Politics is not rhetoric but conscious action to better the lives of the masses.
The highest power in Nigeria is not the office of the President but the masses.
Let’s hope that Nigeria will not walk another four years in the valley of the shadow of death.
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