What a Kenyan Man did to this Chinese after he was called a Monkey will shock you

This happened in a Supermarket in Kenya, where Chinese Man called a Kenya Man “Nugu”, a Chinese language which means Monkey in English.

The Kenya Man immediately took laws into his hands and reacted., though the Chinese Man was surrounded by his fellow countrymen, who came together to shop in that supermarket.

The Man from Kenya immediately dragged the Man from China by his clothe and took him to a safer corner away from the counter,

And gave him a very big slap that sounded heavy, and was about giving him another, before fellow Kenyans rushed to intercept.

Other Chinese men there were helpless as they couldn’t do anything to prevent what happened.

The Kenyan victim was held scolding the Chinese man “You can’t be insulting blacks in your country and come here to insult us in our own country too”- says the Kenyan.

See Photos Below:

Watch the Video of what happened below:

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