Top 10 Ghana Weaving Style Women Are Making For Christmas [Photos]

Christmas celebration is near and a lot of preparations is in the air. Nigerian women are not left out in the preparations.

As they plan on what to cook for the celebration, some of then, however, are making out time to look the best before the celebration.

As is often said, the glory of a woman is not necessarily in the clothes she wears but in how she makes her hair. A lot of Nigerian women have opted to make there hair in different styles.

Top Trends Nigeria has gathered a list of the top 10 Ghana weaving styles Nigeria women are making for the Christmas celebration.

Ghana weaving the breading of the hair or the twisting of the hair. It can be done on the natural hair or when it is supported by hair attachments.

Enjoy the photos and recommend it to your friends so they can make such styles before Christmas is over.

10. Cornrows

9. Classic Ghana Braids

8. Twisted Protective Ghana Weaving

7. Crochet Braids

6. Ghana Twists

5. Ghana Braids

4. Long Two Tone Ghana Braids

3. Ultra Long Natural Hair

2. Spiral Pattern Ghana Braids

1. Ghana Braid Pigtails


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