Very Large Tubers of Cassava Harvested In Imo State

Mr. Frank Obodo who choose to farm as a profession has been duly rewarded with large harvest these harvesting season.

He harvested large tubers of Cassava from his farm despite lack of Government Support.

According to Mr. Frank, He has sought support from the Imo State Government by sending proposals to them to enable him to buy more lands and no help has come from them yet has come yet.

Worst of all his friends mocked him for choosing to farm as a profession but Mr. Frank chose to ignore them and pursue what he loves.

The name of his farm is FASED FARM AND SERVICES and is located at Obogwe Umunwaku Ohaji in Ohaji/Egbema LGA, Imo State.

He is also into fish and Pig farm but because of lack of funds, has not expanded yet.

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