Innoson Laywer Brutally attacked by assassins

According to a press release by Cornel Osigwe the Press Secretary for Innoson Group, Prof Mcarthy Mbadugha, the Counsel to Innoson Nigeria Limited was as on Wednesday brutally attacked in his office.

The armed assassins broke into his office and attacked Prof Mbadugha and left him in a life-threatening situation to bleed to death.

According to Cornel Osigwe, Prof Mbadugha was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention.

He also noted that before the attack on the Counsel, Prof Mbadugha complained about threats to his life over his tremendous ability to win cases for Innoson

From the Press Release, Prof Mbadugha complained to Innoson on October 11th about an anonymous message of a threat to his life and suggested that he be provided with security.

Prof Mbadugha has won more than six court cases in the Innoson vs GTB legal battle. Specifically, on 10tOctober, Justice Olusola Williams of Lagos State High court Struck out EFCC charge against Innoson.

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