Top ten student-friendly skills to leverage on in 2022

With the emergence of the ASUU strike, lots of students have been left to stay at home doing nothing.

However, the good news is that all hope is not lost. Below are ten skills you should leverage on in 2022 that would help you earn money in the comfort of your home.

1. Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is almost the same as our daily buying and selling only that this time, it is done online. Certain techniques are required to be successful in this niche, and yes, it is the best so far.

2. Computer programming.

It is no secret that our world is now a global village. This is another top student friendly skill to learn in 2022. It involves developing websites and apps, coding and lots more.

3. Graphic designing.

Students can create beautiful virtual designs using professional design tools. The services of graphic designers are needed almost everyday from making book covers to designing simple stickers for our domestic products.

4. Photography.

Capturing the beauty of nature is another high income student friendly skill to learn. It involves photoshop, food photography, landscape and so on. Photographers remain one of the highest paid in Nigeria today.

5. Creative writing.

This include content writing, fiction writing, memoir and journal writing and blogging. Asides being paid a high amount, writers also enjoy the benefits of being able to create worlds in their head and bring it to life through writing for their readers.

6. Editing.

Every writer needs an editor. Students can edit blogs and books for people for a fee.

7. Copywriting

This is a high income skill which involves selling through the use of words. Copywriting can be seen in flyers, ads and even announcements.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This involves using certain strategies to make websites and articles gain more visibility or move up in Google search engines.

9. Video editing.

This involves manipulating and organizing video shots to create an original work. It is also a high paying skill in Nigeria.

10. Social media management.

This involves helping companies or busy individuals handle their social media accounts, posting blogs and useful engagements in exchange for a huge sum.


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