The Aftermath of Libya, Obama’s Worst Mistake Re-Surfaces

In an article published by BBC news on 11 April 2016, reported that Former US President Barack Obama was interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

In the Interview in which Obama was answering a question on the high and low of his Presidency, he said

“Probably failing to plan for the day after, what I think was the right thing to do, in intervening in Libya.”

In the interview, President Obama also criticized France and Uk.

He specifically said that the David Cameron the British Prime minister at that time was distracted.

His statement on Prime Minister Cameron angered Downing Street at that time.

What was left of Libya is still very visible to all, Libya was plunged into chaos and is yet to recover for the disaster since then.

In recent times, the statement of President Obama has surfaced again in the event of 2020 US election.

The current President of the United State in the person of Donald Trump is under scrutiny by US citizens on his performance so far.

Those who are debating on that are making a sincere comparison between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

This Comparison alone has given rise to the question of Obama’s actions on Libya.

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