Abia State Governorship Aspirant Calls for Political Debate

It is the season of an election in Nigeria and Abia State in the Eastern part of Nigeria is not left out in the Political game that will take over the country in a few months from now.

Abia State generally has experienced a good measure of infrastructural under development from the present and previous administration of the State.

However in some areas of the State, one can see the quick patching of roads by the current administration, this may be because the election is drawing near and that they need the vote of the people.

However, Fortunes Okoronkwo, a Governorship aspirant in the State, who is contesting for the Gubernatorial election from the platform of the Peoples Providence Party has demanded that a Political debate, be organized for Political aspirants in the State.

Mr. Fortunes made this call through his social media handle in which he said

“I am Fortunes Okoronkwo the GOVERNORSHIP candidate of the PROVIDENCE PEOPLES CONGRESS. I am available for the Abia Guber debate. To ensure balance, emerging political parties must be given a chance and I am offering myself for the debate.

Please who are the organizers ooo.”

Mr. Fortunes Okoronkwo who flagged of his campaign in Aba, the economic hub of Abia State has been gaining support from a lot of persons in Abia State.

He was initially seen as insignificant in the race but as at today is has been a force to reckon with.

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