South African Man Builds Robots From Trash

Technology development is getting more advanced as several Countries including; China and Japan etc are leading the way in the innovation of robotic creation.

However, A 49-year-old Man based in Bridgetown, South Africa. By the name, Hoosain Dixon has been able to
come up with an innovatory of a robot.

The young Man builts this robot known as robot 5 (R5) from scrap comprising of car doors, shoes etc, found in dumpsites close by.

Dixon built this robot in other for it to assist him at home, earn income for his family and as well keep him busy. In a report given by the South African’s media, Dixon stated that “his dream is to view his robotic creation in motion”.

He said “several wirings has been done on it which enables its little bulbs to light, also, ” I am yet to install a motor that will enable its motion”.

He further stated that there are a lot of numerous crimes occurring in the area, with this, I am trying to enlighten the unemployed youngsters that there is a lot to do to keep oneself busy.

So far, Report has it that he Dixon has sold several robots and has charged individuals R5 to R10 to take selfies with this his robot.

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