How To Generate Number of Clicks for Your Blog to Pay You

How To Generate the Number of Clicks for Your Blog to Pay You

Remedy Nwankwo, A Blog Professional that earns thousands of Dollars monthly from his blog has unravelled how he makes money from his blog.

So, someone made a post yesterday asking how many clicks could give him $100 daily on AdSense.

I answered that 150 Nigerian clicks in certain niches could deliver that and, as expected, many people called it bluff.
One cardinal lesson you should learn today is that nothing is impossible in blogging.

You see, blogging isn’t just about entertainment, news and gossip. There’s hardly any money here if AdSense is your main channel of monetization.
It’s a waste of good time, AdSense-wise.

There are other good niches, find them.

Examples of good niches are:

* Finance


* Tech

* Travel and Tour

* Fashion

* Scholarship, etc…

CPC and other details

The main problem is that most of you don’t treat blogging as business, you see it as just some side hustle.
That’s why you can’t make big money from it.

If you’re blogging mainly for money like myself, you will always look for what or where brings the most money to your blog and hit that point hard.

There are people in this country and, some even in this group, that collect up to $50,000 monthly from Google Adsense. I said monthly NOT yearly.

But they treat their blogs as pure business and they invest heavily into it.

They don’t wait for free advice up and down, they put money into research and even hire researchers.

They’re not waiting for free SEO tools only, they use paid tools too.
They’re not waiting for free blog designs, free hosting or Nigerian hosts, free theme, free templates, free backlinks or free traffic
They’re certainly not looking for free mentorship from one inbox to another.

They identify areas that they need to improve on to make all the difference in their blogging business and they hit that area with full force.

If you use ahrefs, for instance, and check the CPC of keywords in your niche, does it give you joy?
An apple can’t fall too far from its tree, you know.

Examine what you’re doing today with your blog, and ask yourself if it’s truly how to treat a business.
If you don’t take your business seriously, it can never deliver good results.

A good businessman does what’s necessary to grow his business not what’s convenient or easy.
It’s why main market people jettison the sweet bosom of their beds as early as 5 am to hit their shops.

So, if your blog can give you up to 20 million Naira monthly, why are you playing with it??😳😳

Start small, keep growing, research well and never believe anything is impossible in blogging.
I wish you as much success as you’re willing to work for.

PPS: pls don’t come to my inbox for any reason, I have no magical tips to give anyone.
I block you without winking.
I’m only encouraging you to take your business seriously.

Seek mentorship.

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