PDP National Convention Should Hold in Rivers State – Tony Osborg

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP is entangled in whether to holds its National Conventions in Abuja or in Rivers State. Opinions are divided in the matter. It has always been the normal practice for PDP to holds its National Convention in Abuja, if they decide to hold it in Rivers State, it will probably be the first of its kind.

Tony Osborg a facebook user and a strong advocate of the Restructure Nigeria and True Federalism movement has these to say about the PDP Convention venue.

“Governor Nyesom Wike is right in insisting that the PDP convention should hold in Rivers State. I agree with him. It is the least he should ask for and get from the party.

The PDP would have been dead by now if not for Nyesom Wike and Rivers state money.

When people like Atiku, Tambuwal, Kwakwaso, Saraki, and co tried to kill the party in the past, it was men like Wike and Fayose who stood out and kept the party alive.

If Wike is saying he needs the convention in Rivers state for economic reasons (which I agree with as a Rivers resident), then the PDP should be reasonable enough to understand with him.

Wike has no control over the PDP delegates outside his state. Wike cannot tell the PDP delegates from Delta state who to vote for. PDP currently has no such national influential leader and as such, the state governors and state leaders will determine the delegate voting pattern.

Wike does not even have control over all the PDP delegates from Rivers state. Many Rivers state delegates will vote against Wike’s choice if they consider his choice as not a smart choice.

Left for me, and if I were a PDP member, no decampee (especially those who left the party in 2015 and worked against the party) should be given the party presidential ticket in 2018, irrespective of their chances of defeating Buhari. It is time to ground these parties on ideologies.

After all, as at last night, Buhari still has a 69% probability of defeating whoever the PDP brings out. It is too early for them to make their situation more difficult.

Rivers state money is not only good for sponsoring an almost dead party, Rivers people deserve to get some economic benefit from the activities of the almost dead party.

By the time PDP loses Rivers State to the APC come 2019, it will dawn on them that they have no chance of claiming the presidency again for the next twenty-five years.

Wike and Rivers State is the only major asset that the PDP currently has that can be used for national politics. Once they lose Wike and Rivers state, they are finished.

Was it in Rivers State that Wike influenced the PDP to elect Secondus as its national chairman? So what has location got to do with influence? Money is the real influence, as long as your money is mobile, your influence is mobile too.

Wike is the last person that would want to do anything to undermine the PDP success, he already has a 53% probability of losing his own seat come 2019 to Rotimi Amaechi and the APC gang.

May some of these political jobbers cum activists and professional protesters who think they love the PDP more than Wike receive sense.

Wike’s decision to insist on Port Harcourt City (PHC) as the host of the event, I believe, is purely economics and not politics and should be respected by the PDP”

We anticipate that PDP will make the right decisions in their own best interest.

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