Management Of Sexual Desires

Sexual Desire is the involuntary/ innate push in humans to have sex or engage in sexual activity.
It can be a powerful force towards sex and sexuality and many individuals have trouble controlling these desires.

Sexual gratification can come via various means all depending on individual preferences.
Many misconceptions have deterred the mind and will power of people towards the possibility of putting sexual desires under a tight leash.

Some of the skills that can be employed include:

1. Self-control: This is the ability of an individual to keep himself/herself from doing a particular thing. It is no news that sexual desires can be extremely pushing but it is also possible for the individual to exercise restrain on the push.

2. Patience: Patience is not only a virtue but a skill that is lacking especially among the young individuals of this era. They want everything done immediately and quickly while damning the consequences. Patience must be exercised when ever the push from sexual desire comes, the individual must constantly remind himself/herself of the repercussions of premarital, unprotected or inappropriate sex and even sexual harassment.

3. Hard work: It is often said that the energy put into masturbation and other sexual activities are so much that if they are channelled into some other productive activities, great results will be achieved. Hard work minimises the incidence of an individual falling prey to sexual desires.

4. Critical thinking: The assertion by Samuel (2010) that, “the brain is the master sex organ and not the penis or clitoris” is very much acceptable. The brain really is the master sex organ as it controls the release of hormones and also coordinates the sexual activity, if the brain can be put into situations of critical thinking or problem solving tasks, sexual desires will be indeed minimised.

5. Sensor what you see, hear and talk about. Avoid sexual content of any kind.
6. Understand yourself and your Sexuality: This will enable you know what to do and what not to do. It’ll also let you know well enough not play with sexual experiments.

These skills are important to everyone because according to WHO, the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) has drastically increased globally.

There is only one way to avoid getting burdened with the cost of treating deadly infections/diseases and have a shorter life-span – It’s Abstinence.

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