Ambassador Ominyi, Others Not Involved With The Call For Foreign Affairs Minister’s Resignation

Ambassador Nwanne Ominyi, Nigeria high commissioner to the Republic of Zambia and Dean of Non-Career Ambassadors of Nigeria, has regrettably taken note of a recent publication by the Mandate for National Values and Integrity in Nigeria (MNVIN), as reported by Sahara Reporters on November 11, 2023. Additionally, there has been a reaction from The Nigeria Grand Progressive Network (NGPN) published by of 15th November 2023, associating the Ambassador and his colleagues with MNVIN and its stated opinions.

It is imperative to clarify unequivocally that the views expressed by MNVIN are solely theirs, and the Ambassador is not affiliated with the group, nor have any dealing of any sort.

Contrary to any suggestions, he has not advocated for the dismissal of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Amb. Yusufu Tuggar. His focus remains steadfast on diplomatic affairs and the welfare of Nigerian ambassadors who entrusted to him the deanship. Ambassador OMINYI for those who know him can attest that he is a courageous politician that does not canvass his opinion under a faceless group.

The concerns raised regarding the Minister’s handling of our recall, including the failure to send the attendant passages up till now and consequently making it difficult for the missions to pay the envoys their legitimate other entitlements have been in the public domain and continue to be of public interest.

While MNVIN accuses Minister Tuggar of mishandling the recall, it is crucial to emphasize that these are their opinions, and the Ambassador is not inclined to participate in any campaign against the Minister. It is essential to distinguish the legitimate concerns raised by ambassadors, including Ambassador OMNIYI from the opinions or actions of external groups.

Every responsible parent place a premium concern on the impact their action and inaction will have on education of their children which foreign service regulation 26.4 protects.

The loyalty of the Ambassadors lies with the Federal republic of Nigeria, and we seek a resolution to these issues that upholds the dignity of our nation and its representatives abroad.

The Ambassador’s primary focus is the advancement and well-being of our country. Nigerian ambassadors are committed to returning home promptly once the payment of passages and entitlements is concluded. This commitment is not a matter of personal preference but a response to the expectations and obligations associated with diplomatic service.

It is preposterous to link the Dean and any Ambassador with the publications in question except of course to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. This becomes obvious because in May and June 2023, my principal’s mission we have had three teams of inspectors from accountant general of the federation, salaries, income and wages commission and office of auditor general of the federation respectively came and inspected our accounts books but surprisingly shortly after the publications of the we learnt that unannounced team will be arriving Lusaka from the audit department of the ministry of foreign Affairs, unlike the standard where audit team has minimum of three missions to inspect they are only to visit Lusaka. We wouldn’t have bordered about this because every public officer should be open at anytime to account for his handling of public fund under his purview. But this case wears the colours of witch-hunt as the saying goes ‘a witch cried in the night and the babe died in the morning”, one does not need to ask what killed the baby.

I urge the public and the media to refrain from linking the Ambassador or any Nigerian Ambassador with perceived political manoeuvres or external agendas. Our emphasis is on constructive engagement with relevant authorities to ensure a seamless and transparent resolution to the outstanding issues surrounding our recall.

In conclusion, the Ambassador remains dedicated to diplomatic services and the interests of Nigeria and very loyal the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs. We believe in the resilience of our nation and the importance of resolving internal matters through dialogue and collaboration. As we progress towards the completion of the recall process, I trust that the relevant authorities will address the concerns raised by Nigerian ambassadors in a fair and timely manner.

Iduma Chris Mayor
Special Assistant to the
Ambassador on Media and Publicity

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