Liverpool’s Daniel Sturidge in fA’s trouble list

EPL: Liverpool Striker Daniel Sturidge has been sanctioned by the FA governing body for misconduct.

professional players in England are not allowed to bet for any reason.

The Body incharge of Players misconduct on betting issues tagged Organization for Integrity , has accused Sturidge of betting on his loan move to West Brom Albion last summer.

And they have summoned Sturidge to bring his phone data for check.

The last player to be found guilty of betting was Barton, former QPR midfielder, who was banned for 18 months, and later reduced to 13 , and also fined €30,000.00.

Sturidge has been asked by the FA to respond to the charges against him on or before 6.30pm tomorrow, or face disciplinary action by the body.

Meanwhile, his team Liverpool will be in action on the roads against Watford of Saturday.

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