Life is a race and not a competition – Jasper

Going to School/ Graduating, Getting A Job, Buying Landed Properties, Buying Cars, Traveling Abroad, Starting A Business, Getting Married, whatsoever..

You could be in a race, but you’re definitely not in a competition with anyone!

People say life is a race, if you believe that life is a race too, also understand that your life is different from mine.

I could be on a marathon race, while you be on a 400metres race, and others could be on relay race.

Our starting time and finish lines are different, our track lengths can never be the same, and even if our race seems the same with each others, our lanes are absolutely different.

Finishing before you despite starting same time doesn’t make you a failure; your track might be longer.

Your race might be about speed, while mine could be a test of endurance.

The nature of my race could demand I go alone, but yours might be a team work demand, or vice-versa.

So don’t judge your success by my result or anyone else results.

Don’t compare us, focus on yours.

Life could be a race but certainly not a competition!

When your Signature changes to Autograph, your stories become history!

If you’re still in the process, enjoy it!

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