Exited Fisherman Shows Off The Human Sized Fish He Caught At Ibeno River

There are many hidden treasures yet to be tapped in this nation, one among them is the Ibeno Island. If only our government will invest in places like this, Nigeria will attract more tourists than Dubai.

Do you know that Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa- Ibom State has 25 communities ,22 out of these communities are Island settlements that is not even much captured in the map.

It is also sad that most tourists from Nigeria does not show any interest in patronizing our Local tourist sites which will help to boost the economy of our dear nation.

So i am making this post to encourage Nigerians to look inwards to discover so many treasure yet untapped around us

and also to urge the government to support .

Below is a picture of a Human Sized Fish captured by a fisherman in Ibeno Island.

Looking At the fish you will see that it looks bigger than the Fisherman.

At a point, i wondered how the man was able to drag it out of the river.

The women above should be very careful, such big fish can swallow full grown human being and run back to its abode to rest.

Dear Government, invest in our LOCAL TOURIST SITES


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