Kano – Fire Outbreak Destroys Over 70 Shops

The Kano State fire service disclosed that over seventy shops have been burnt down by fire. Alhaji Saidu Mohammad, the fire service spokesman said to the media on Sunday 18th November 2018.

That over seventy shops were damaged due to a fire outbreak that occurred in Kano State. He added “we received a call from Mr. Aliyu Ibrahim (a resident), on Sunday morning.

That fire is presently burning several shops in the market. Thereafter, we immediately sent several of our men and fire vehicles to have the fire quenched and prevented from burning other shops.

Over 70 shops were terribly damaged, only 7 shops were saved due to the immediate intervention of the fire service” he added.

He stated several pieces of advice to the marketers and residents that ‘ they should be careful over instruments that could cause fire outbreak, in case of future incidents, he maintained that fire extinguishers and fire bucket should be at their surroundings, that these instruments will aid the reduction of fire, before alerting the fire service.

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