Just In: How a Bolt Driver escaped ritualist but was victimized by SARS

Recently in Nigeria, an #EndSars campaign has been trending on various social media platforms.

Some Nigerians have taken to their social media handles to register their frustration and displeasure of the treatments they have received at the hands of the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) while calling on the Nigerian government to close the existence and operations of SARS.

Mr Kingley a bolt driver in Lagos poured out his pain and the ugly experience he got from an officer of SARS after
escaping ritualist on twitter.

According to Kingsley, he picked up three passengers using the bolt app from eleganza before lekki’s
2nd toll gate.The passengers were heading to Oshodi. This was happening around 9:45 pm on Wednesday 23nd Sept 2020.

As they embarked on the trip to Oshodi, one of the three passengers said he will alight at the Nigerian law school which is after lekki’s 1st toll gate.

On getting to lekki’s 1st toll gate, the two passengers who were at the back held Mr Kingsley and dragged him to the back while the other passenger that was supposed to alight took over the driving wheel.

The ritualist began to hit Mr Kingsley with a hammer on his knees, shoulders, and elbow in other to weaken him. According to Mr Kingsley, he was so weakened by the hitting to the extent he decided to remain calm because the pain was too much on him.

The leader of the trio asked Kingsley if he had a keg for fuel the boot of his car and he said yes. He then asked the member of his gang who was driving to pack the car and get fuel but the other one did not support the idea saying they have already weakened Kingsley.

As all this was happening, they ritualist covered Mr Kingsley’s face with the black polo he was wearing.

According to Mr Kingsley, he said that as soon as he noticed that they were at a fuel station, he started shouting but the ritualist drove off.

Immediately, someone noticed what was happening and drove after them and double-crossed them but the ritualist hit the person off the road and continued there journey.

Even as they were driving, they kept torturing Mr Kingsley to the extent that one of them had to bite his nose with blood pouring out and the other almost suffocated him by holding him by the throat.

They had the music of the car at full volume. Mr Kingsley said he begged them to just go with the car and the N45000 in his wallet which was the money he had made from previous trips and also his piggy bank that contains the money he was saving from his house rent in which he saves N2000 daily for about 2 months.

The ritualist ignored all those and outrightly told Kingsley that what they wanted was his heart and manhood for rituals.

This kept on happening until after midnight. Then one of them told their leader that they should just butcher Mr Kingsley immediately that he is bringing a lot of attention to them after he had already removed Mr Kingsley’s belt but their leader told him to hold on until they get to Ibadan.

As they journeyed, Mr Kingsley said that he began to notice heads of people outside then he began to scream and the guys in the area ran after the car.

One of the guys in the area broke the car’s back windscreen and jumped into the car while it was in motion.

As the driver of the car attempted to escape, he entered an endpoint road and crashed the car in a parked trailer.

The area guys captured the two guys at the back but the driver escaped. The collected anything they could lay hands-on in the car.

They collected three of Mr Kingsley’s phones, his piggy bank, etc, this was happening until the Maroko policemen came and took the car and the two captured ritualists to the police station.

The Maroko police then handed the case over to SARS Ikeja. The Investigation Police Officer (IPO) in charge of the case asked Mr Kingsley to pay for the investigation and apprehension of one of the ritualists that ran away.

According to Mr Kingsley, he was scheduled to go for a throat and nose examination but couldn’t go because he has lost all his money.

He claimed to have raised N20000 which he gave the police officer on the 6th of October 2020 while neglecting his

The police officer even shouted on Mr Kingsley to come back on Friday after he scheduled to meet Mr Kingsley on the 7th of October 2020.

The police officer even told Mr Kingsley not to disclose to the officer in charge O/C that he collected money from him else his case will be delayed and he will get his car next year.

He reported the incident to Bolt the hailing company he worked with and they asked him to contact Autogenus and that they may only help with the replacement of the phone he uses with the app if his request flies through.

Mr Kingsley narrated his ordeal on twitter using his friend’s phone and he is looking for assistance.

below are photos of the incident

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