“I’m riding From Lagos to Israel to Tibet to Mount Everest On A New Bike”

– London to Lagos biker says, “I’m riding From Lagos to Israel to Tibet to Mount Everest On A New Bike” –

Popular Kwara-born adventurer, London-to-Lagos biker Kunle Adeyanju, has publicly disclosed that he is planning another adventure- a trip from Lagos to Israel with a new bike.

About a month back, Adeyanju – The Lion Heart rode a bike from London in the month of April arriving Lagos in May soley to raise funds for Rotary International’s campaign to end polio, traveling 41 days on his motorcycle to achieve the daring accomplishment. He disclosed that the first journey was challenging and same will be for this trip in-view.

Recently, Adeyanju was conferred with the title of ‘Are Aniyikaiye of Offa Land’ by the Olofa of Offa owing to his selfless accomplishment of the London- Lagos trip and his kind intentions for the trip.
Adeyanju proudly stated that his next trip will be from Lagos to Israel and then to the autonomous Chinese region of Tibet with a new bike.

According to the statement he made; “I’m going to buy another bike and do another adventure. My next adventure is going to be riding from Lagos to Israel, just passing through Israel and then to Tibet.

“Then, I actually want to ride on a Tibetan plane because that is the highest plateau you have in the world. They say God lives in Tibet because of the highest purity. I want to experience that purity.”
He also added that he would be visiting the base camp of the famous Mount Everest and attempting to climb it.

“My destination is Everest. I’m going to drop my bike at Everest base camp and try to climb Everest. That’s what I’m going to do with myself in the next two years,” Adeyanju stated.
He stated that his latest plan is to accomplish his intriguing adventurous mission no later than 2024.

It is indeed another exciting journey for the biker and another teeth-crunching feat for the rest of the world who will be rooting for him and the success of this selfless trip.

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