I Am Ready For 2019 Election – Governor Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom, the Governor of Benue State, after his return from Israel, he urged his supporters to ensure peaceful campaigns in the State at large. While addressing several thousand which were stocked at the gate of the Government House, Mr. Samuel Ortom stated numerous things while addressing his massive supporters.

He stated that ”those who are aimed at destabilizing the State with Federal Might, would end up destabilizing themselves”

“Those who possess the mandate of the People should do it with caution and should not allow anyone to distract them from their obligations to the people” he added.

He further stated that he has sought and obtained the blessings and mandate from God at the Holy Land (Israel) and maintained that God who worked the people to elect him in the last election is able to perform reelection.

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He added that he is spiritually prepared to approach the upcoming 2019 election in a ballsy manner, with a focus on

He further urged his numerous supporters to maintain support and vote for him and all other PDP candidate of various political positions during the forthcoming 2019 election, stating that even in the case of provocation there shouldn’t divert.

However, the Commissioner for land, Surveys and Solid Minerals, the State PDP youth leader, the special adviser to the Governor on politics, all led the mass supporters to welcome the Governor on his returns to the country.

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