Social Media Users Help A White Woman Find Her Nigerian Old Friend.

Social Media Users Help A White Woman Find Her Nigerian Lost Friend.

A white woman came on social media to thank Nigerians who helped her find her mother’s cousin friend, Ali Isa, a Nigerian from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The woman happened to have lived in Nigeria in the 80s ,but seemed to have lost memories of her past due to old age .She only remembered her friends name , Ali Isa . They became friends while she was in Port Harcourt, Rivers State . She posted pictures of the man and the man’s father who she said had 20 wives and 80 children then . She begged Nigerians living in the city to help her find the said man .

“I need your help: My mother’s cousin Christa used to live in Port Harcourt from 1985 to 1986. Up until today, she has very fond memories from those days. But unfortunately, she lost all her contacts. Especially her friend Ali Isa is dearly missed. On the first picture, Christa and her husband are with Ali Isa’s father. He was said to have had 20 wives and 80 children. So I am really hopeful that someone will recognize him. Ali Isa himself is in the last picture. Please share widely and help Christa reconnect with her friend Ali Isa from Port Harcourt. #searchingaliisa

Ps: it is quite possible that the man’s name is “Alisa” instead of Ali Isa.

Psps: The last known address was
Ali Isa
Nº 29/31 Ogbuagu Street
P.O.Box 5110
mile 3 Dioobu
Port Harcourt”,she wrote .

A day later, she came online to thank Nigerians for helping her find the man within a twinkle of an eye .

“We have found Ali Isah!!!! And no it’s not a scam. He remembered her family name and sent this picture of the two of them which a scammer could not have had. Social Media is amazing. Under 24 hours. I am more than excited to hear that he still remembers Christa and her husband and can’t wait for my aunty to hear about this! Thank you all for your support. You have reunited long lost friends!!!!”,she wrote on the comment section.

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