How I Make My Dollars Online From My Room: My uncovered secrets

Do You Want to Know How I Make Money Everyday Online? Here Are My Uncovered Secrets – Queen Sheba

I will take you through some clear narratives that will help you understand how Information Technology works.
My Boss flies Business Class. There was a time he wanted to travel and his ticket was One Million Naira, he waited and waited for the airfare to drop, instead of dropping it was increasing until it got to 1.6million.


I told him to give me 1.1 Million Naira and I will book his business class ticket on that airline, he asked me how, I told him I know my way around. My coordinator told him not to try it, that there was a day an agent duped him after giving him money for a cheap ticket. He opened the site of the airline and showed my boss the fare and told my Boss that I must have been promised a cheap fair from a scam site that after I pay they will crash and run away with the money, that he has been booking flight tickets since 2005 so there’s no trick I want to do to buy a ticket that the airline is selling 1.6million for 1.1million.

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I told my Boss to give me 700,000 Naira, that when I book the ticket and send him his artinery, he would balance me the 400,000 Naira. My Boss did and I booked the ticket.


My Boss was surprised, he checked the airline website, the ticket was still 1.6million yet I got it 1.1million for him.


What my Boss and coordinator didn’t even know was that I actually tracked the flight and got the ticket for 825,000 Naira and they gave me 1.1million Naira


The things you don’t know, you don’t know.😊 there’s no magic about it. It is internet masterpiece


Information is power… it is what a person knows that makes them 2 steps ahead of you.


A lot of people do not know about half the opportunities available on social media. The only thing they know is paid advert, social media ambassadorial deals or win competition with likes.

Confirmation of the flight ticket

There is money on the internet. Although, it is not a place for quick riches… Before you start making money, you will work hard, devote your time, skills, data and attention.


YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and some social media sites pays people by their number of views or traffic. So if you do not have up to certain million views or engagements you won’t get paid. You can Google how to monetize your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram accounts.


If you wish to increase your followers on Instagram or YouTube subscribers or Facebook followers, start today… get the information you need.


Opera News Hub pays writers… they still pay people till tomorrow but you have to meet certain criteria and requirements. My sister’s room mate got paid almost 70,000 Naira in December just for the traffic her article brought. My sister was paid 11,000 Naira. Almost all the people I introduced to Opera are still being paid. 


Fiverr pays in Dollars but you will first Register. You can be hired to write, to translate, to draw, it’s a website to sell any skill. You will pay them commission from your job.


There are a lot of sites where people get paid to proof read. A writer would contact you to read the books they wrote to check for errors. Each person has a weekly target. You might be given a book of 100 pages to proof read for 5 days. If you fail you would not be paid. You will read them line by line to check spelling errors and grammatical errors, you will write on a particular spread sheet following a particular format the errors and the page number you saw the errors. Each book you proof read can be $3 or $5 US Dollars. The quicker you proofread the higher your pay increases as you grow in membership.


People get paid as much as $300 dollars monthly. The site is not free, you will register with about $10 dollars also.


There is spotify, there is click on, there are other sites that pays people for views, clicks or livestreaming of videos.


We are in the age of internet, new sites with great ideas are springing up daily,

New apps are coming out with different strategies to get popular.


These small money you make can be used as money for Data, sub and it can also strengthen your digital skills. You spend money for data every week to be on YouTube, Instagram, tiktok. If you get paid N20 for liking a post or video. If you like 10 post or watch 10 video per day, it’s N200. In 10 days it’s N2000, in 20 days, it’s N4000.


You spend hours burning data on the internet, why not check out these sites and see which you can work with.


What are you scared of?

That your money you used in registering would lost?


The $10 for registration will not kill you,


N3,190 for Owodaily will not be the amount that would wreck you,


The 5k to pay to join that WhatsApp online class to learn digital skill or affiliate marketing or graphic design will not kill you. These are money you spend normally for Pizza or data.


I can’t tell you the amounts I paid or spent to learn certain things,

I can’t tell you the amounts I’ve paid to join certain groups,


There are lots of information on the internet. Lots of it.😊


The internet won’t give you the huge money you want, but it would keep you busy and pay for the time spent here.


Now I recommend Upwork and Academia for you too.

They are Apps that bring you clients that you would write for and they deposit dollars in your account immediately. 


No delays, at the end of one month, if you work hard, you might have written 4 articles for sale and sell to multiple people and cash out in Dollars.

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