How to Monetize My Facebook Reels in Nigeria

How to Monetize My Facebook Reels in Nigeria

Meta the parent company of Facebook, has announced that Nigerian are eligible to monetize their reels video.

To be able to do so, firstly you have to build a large following. To be able to do this, you have to keep creating content that your audience likes to watch.

Once you have a large following, the next thing is to apply for the Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook Reels creators have to go through the Facebook Creator Studio in other to monetize their content by placing adverts on their videos, partnering with brands and support from their fans.

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Once that is done, to monetize your Facebook reels in Nigeria, you must meet the eligibility criteria of having up to 10,000 followers, and be able to generate about 60,000 views on your videos that should be at least three minutes long. Then also meet the Facebook Partner Monetization Policies.

Finally, continue to create contents that do not violate any of the Facebook Monetisation policies. You must avoid uploading copyrighted content and must adhere to community standards.

To be successful in making money through Facebook in Nigeria, you must be consistent and patient

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