Discover How Six Rounds Of Sex Killed A Man In Lagos

A young man known as Davy has died after engaging in multiple sexual encounters with his girlfriend known as loveth.

The incident filtered into the media space yesterday after loveth was arrested by the Ikotun Police Division.

The story goes that Davy and Loveth argued on who amongst them can last longer during sex romp.

The both of them claimed they can, then as the argument went on, Davy staked N50,00 between him and loveth.

The condition he gave was that if Loveth defeats him during the sex romp that she will take the money and if not he would keep his money.

Loveth agreed to the condition and then got prepared and then went and booked a hotel for the chalet.

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During the encounter, Davy survived six rounds and was entering the seventh round when he collapsed and died on top of Loveth and died.

Loveth raised alarm and contacted the Hotel management who then handed her over to the Police.

She was later transferred to the SCIID Panti Yaba where she told the Police what happened between her and Davy before his death.

As it stands now, the fate of Loveth now depends on the autopsy report as to the cause of death and it will be determined if she is culpable and may be charged to court.

Meanwhile, the corpse of the deceased has been deposited at an undisclosed hospital for autopsy.

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