How Injections From Quack Nurse Led to Mohbad’s Death – Police

cause of mohbad's death

Idowu Owohunwa the Lagos State Commissioner of Police while speaking at a press briefing on Friday at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters Ikeja regarding the cause of Mohbad’s death, has revealed that according to their findings following a preliminary investigation surrounding the death of IIerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad, Mohbad was injected three times by an auxillary nurse.

Idowu Owohunwa disclosed that Feyisayo Ogedemgbe an auxiliary nurse was invited by Mohbad’s friend Ayobami Sodiq aka Spending to Mohbad’s residence to inject him on Sept 11th 2023 but she administered the injection on the 12th of Sept 2023.

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Feyisayo Ogedemgbe was said to have given Mohbad 3 injections. These 3 injections according to the CP are believed to have caused a chain reaction to the point of Mohbad vomiting and having goosebumps.

Idowu Owohunwa stated that “Mohbad began vomiting and developed goosebumps after the injections”. He added that Feyisayo Ogedemgbe is the principal suspect and acknowledged that it was the injections she gave Mohbad that resulted in the cause of Mohbad’s death.

According to Idowu Owohunwa, the Police have interrogated Mohbad’s father and mother, Mohbad’s sisters and brothers, Mohbad’s wife and manager. He added that several others were also interrogated. “As of today, a total of 26 witnesses have been interviewed” the CP added.

The purpose of the interrogation was to unravel the circumstances that brought about the death of Mohbad.

Speaking further, the CP said Mohbad was already dead before he was taken to the hospital and that doctors on duty on the 12th of September 2023 certified him dead.


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