Something that improves your chances of getting a fully funded scholarship

Ifeanyi Ifebi Emmanuel (A study abroad consultant) has analyzed one of the things that improves your chances of getting a fully funded scholarship.

The guru believes that the quality of your undergraduate project or research work is key.

If you are applying for a PHD. Your research work during your BSC and MSC counts especially if they are published in reputable journals.

During my final year, my project topic was so easy that I was blessing my supervisor for giving me a easy topic.

I finished my project work within a month. Others were still writing their literature review.

It was during my project defence that I realise how bad my topic was. The external supervisor wasn’t happy with the topic. Infact I was graded a D for my project work. Being a six unit course, it was one of the reasons I didn’t finish with a distinction.

My supervisor then was about retiring and wasn’t interested in stressing herself supervising topics considered tough.

Some of my class mates with the help of their supervisor had their research work published in journals.

I am ashamed to bring out my undergraduate research work because it’s something a smart secondary school student can do.

Now back to scholarships..

The quality of your research work helps. If it has been published by a journal, it scores more points.

Professors abroad look out for this when looking for research assistants. It show you have a background in research that is worth developing.

So if you are interested in in getting scholarships in research laboratories, teaching, or in fields that involve research like chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physics, engineering, climate change and others..

Don’t be looking for cheap project topics. Talk to your supervisor and ensure that you got a topic that you can publish when you are done.

It may cost more, but it will boost your chances of getting a fully funded scholarship.

Final year students who hope to get fully funded scholarships abroad should take note.

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