Shocking moments as game was cancelled due to light failure in Netherland

Dutch League: The game between Feyenoord FC and VVV-Venlo was abandoned after the power supply company of Netherland failed, and the Engineers at De Kuip stadium failed to fix the engines in the Stadium.

Feyenoord was in Third place at the preparation of the clash with VVV-Venlo, the game was about to begin when the lights went off after less than a minute following floodlight failure at De Kuip on Sunday.

The Engineers tried everything they could to fix the light, but it didn’t work, and after their 30 minutes trial, they had to abandon the match.

The supporters at the both end were frustrated, and they put on their phone torchlight, pointing it to the field so the game could go on, but their attempts weren’t capable of helping matters.

The game will be rescheduled.

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