See who started the 10 years challenge

The 10 years challenge is a photo comparison challenge in which people post photos of themselves that they took ten years ago. It is also known as the How Did Age Hit You or #2009vs2019 or GrowUpChalllenge.

Who Started the 10 years challenge?

The 10 Years Challenge is believed to have started on Facebook and the first prominent user to partake of the challenge was Damon Lane.

Damon Lane is the Chief Meteorologist for KOCO 5 First Alert Weather and the only Chief Meteorologist in Oklahoma City who holds a degree in Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology and also the CBM seal approval from the American Meteorological Society.

The CBM is the highest level certification from the United States top association for broadcast meteorologists.

Lane’s #10yearschallenge meme first appeared on a post on his Facebook page on 11th January 2019.

The challenge started with people comparing profile photos of what they looked like in 2009 with what they look like in 2019 adjacent each other. The challenge grew to people publishing any photos of what they looked like in 2009 adjacent to what they looked like in 2019.

From the first publication of Lane, the challenge went viral over the weekend and has become very popular with social media users posting their entries.

As the popularity of the challenge grew, people began to post memes of animals, politicians, structures, products etc to make the 10 years challenge even more entertaining.

The ten years challenge is similar to the 2017’s Puberty Challenge. The 2017 Puberty Challenge had people post photos of before and after their transition from puberty to adulthood.

Also in 2018, the #GrowUpChallenge was popular. if we can recall it started with Miley Cyrus at the Oscars and grew in a large scale comparison of the photos of people in 2012 and 2018.

Below are viral photos of the 10 years challenge photos of some popular Nigerians celebrities.

Don Jazzy




Funke Akindele


Tonto Dike


Toke Makinwa



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