REVEALED: 3 Reasons why website speed matters – Eugene


Chimaobim Eugene revealed 3 in an article which was gathered by toptrends why website speed matters that might have been neglected by bloggers.

1. High speed ensures an impressive user experience:

when a customer or a visitor opens the website for the first time, they expect it to load quickly (within 3 seconds).

Bear in mind that first impressions are vital for businesses on the web. Speed plays a decisive role in how audiences perceive a brand on the web.

2. Speed Affects The Seo Rankings Of A Website

Google made it very clear that they operate by speed obsession for every product on the web.

Matt Cutts (Google’s former head of web spam) has officially admitted that Google considers fast load speed as a positive ranking factor.

3. Speed Affects Conversions

Bear in mind that Google penalizes websites with low page load speed. More importantly, customers or visitors will stop returning to such sites or bounce when pages take too long to render.

This results in the loss of potential customers and revenue.

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