Nnamdi Kanu Is The Sole Reason Twitter Is Banned—Lai Mohammed.

Nnamdi Kanu Is The Sole Reason Twitter Is Banned—Lai Mohammed.

Lai Mohammed, the Minister Of Information And Culture , has revealed that Nnamdi is the reason behind the ban of the microblog site in Nigeria. “Twitter is the preferred social media Nnamdi Kanu uses to issue an order to his men to distablise Nigeria “he said .

The government has suspended the operations of Twitter in Nigeria indefinitely because of the persistent use of the platform for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

“The main reason for this is because of the persistent use of Twitter in particular for activities that are inimical to the corporate existence of Nigeria.” He added, “IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in particular, his platform of choice to destabilise the country is Twitter.

“Twitter is actually the platform of choice for the separatist leader who resides outside Nigeria, but issues directives for his members to attack the symbols of authority such as policemen, soldiers, correctional centres, electoral offices and this has been done willfully and consistently without consequences always using the Twitter platform”, the Minister added in an interview with BBC News Africa.

The Federal Government has been under fire for restricting access to the microblog’s site ,commonly known as Twitter in Nigeria.

Humanitarian groups have appealed to international bodies to sanction the government over its continuous violation of human rights .

The Federal Government summoned some envoys yesterday , but they came out against the ban . The government has been rumoured to have sought help from China in its quest to fully control access to the banned site .

What will happen to those who violate the ban?

Federal government threatens to sue those who have violated the ban by using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the site . One of the Buhari’s advisors , Malami, threatens to take action against people who use any means to access the site. Prominent figures like General Overseer of Deeper life ministry, W. F. Kumuyi and  E. A Adebayo have as well tweeted after the ban.

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