Moment a Nigerian Lady Saw a Mobile Building for the First Time in UK[Video]

mobile house

It was a shocking moment as a Nigerian Actress Ibe Georgina observed a mobile house for the first time. She saw as the house was moved from one place to the other. According to her, the house is being moved from where it was manufactured to the permanent location for installation.

She Exclaimed!! What? Is this a house?  They are transporting this house to a permanent location. Oh, my God. Oh, do you see this? How can they transport a house on the road? I’ve never seen this before. I’m nervous. Oh, my goodness. You see, in a country where things work well, you need to see things. The roads are good. But when you come to my country, Nigeria, it’s a different story. You pay taxes and bills, but what do you get in return? Now, Nigeria, which way? When will we reach this level? Who can help me see more? I’m explaining this to people who have never traveled abroad before.

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